Dushanzi Petrochemical hi tech products add color to people's new life
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hen the daughter of the University in the South had just started school, Miss Wu talked to her husband: "I don't know my daughter's favorite Xinjiang yogurt. Can I buy it there?"
When the daughter of the University in the South had just started school, Miss Wu talked to her husband: "I don't know my daughter's favorite Xinjiang yogurt. Can I buy it there?"

"Yes," said the daughter, "not only does it restore the original flavor." Mr. Zhang, who works in the Dushanzi Petrochemical Corp Research Institute, said.

Ms. Wu, half doubtful, asked, "can this yogurt be shipped to the doorway thousands of kilometers?" Mr. Zhang said: "the mystery is all on the yogurt package."

In the past, yogurt was often used in glass bottles. It was easy to crack when it was hot, and it was easy to crack when it was cold. Now, the new flexible packaging material, which is made of calcium carbonate and polyolefin, is a good solution to these problems. This new soft packaging material has at least two high-end products, one of which is metallocene polyethylene film.

Metallocene polyethylene film has better barrier and tightness, light insulation, resistance to microbial penetration, solid compression, and suitable for long distance transportation. As the outer layer of yogurt soft packaging, it can firmly lock the delicious taste of yogurt.

This is not the most magical thing. My daughter called and said, "Mom, this soft package can be directly put into the microwave oven for heating, and it will not explode, and it will be convenient."

This is in the soft packaging bag, adding three yuan copolymerization polypropylene film TF1007, metallocene polyethylene film and other high-tech products, so that it is more resistant to high temperature, safer, excellent ductility can let the bag of fresh milk directly into the microwave oven heating without explosion.

The new soft packaging material is only a microcosm of Dushanzi Petrochemical's high-end products entering ordinary people's homes and improving their quality of life. Dushanzi Petrochemical produces high quality products such as tire materials, washing machines, materials and diapers, which has been well received by many manufacturers.

Bridgestone, Pirelli, Kumho and other domestic and foreign brand tyres, used in Dushanzi petrochemical production of wet and slippery, rolling damping performance of outstanding polystyrene butadiene rubber 2557TH.

The plastic inner cylinder, balance ring and other parts of the famous brand washing machine such as the beautiful, small swan, Whirlpool and so on are the high-end products such as polypropylene K9928H and K8003 produced by Dushanzi petrochemical. Excellent flame-retardant properties and stiffness and toughness balance meet the safety and quality requirements of household appliances, and products are exported to North America, Japan and other countries and countries.

The PE100 class PE100 gas pipe special material TUB121N3000B, which is independently developed and developed by the petrochemical company, has replaced the former easily rusty steel pipe because of its better compression, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which improves the safety of gas pipeline. It can be safely used for 50 years without replacement.
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