Wantong plastics - focus on providing a comprehensive solution for the manufacturing industry and 3D printing services.
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Wantong Plastics Co., Ltd. is going to participate in the "CHINAPLAS2018 international rubber plastic Exhibition" (the thirty-second China International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition) held.....
Wantong Plastics Co., Ltd. is going to participate in the "CHINAPLAS2018 international rubber plastic Exhibition" (the thirty-second China International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition) held at the National Exhibition Center of Hongqiao, Shanghai, China, 24 to 27 April 2018.

Wantong Plastics Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 1990, is committed to providing customers with a wide variety of engineering and special plastic and omni-directional solutions, leading to a professional project management, providing a comprehensive technical service, 3 dimensional printing, flexible import and domestic purchase platform, efficient supply chain services, The customer provides the most cost-effective solution.

High quality raw materials

Wantong plastics supply high performance engineering plastics raw materials, special polymer materials, with nearly 30 years of rich experience in the industry, products in the automotive, medical, electronic and electrical, communications technology and consumer products industry has a wide range of applications, equipped with professional sales and senior technical personnel, according to the specific needs of customers to push. Recommended matching material.

Omni-directional service

As a comprehensive comprehensive platform, Wantong plastic provides one-stop service for customers, concentrating on the development of the project, by the initial selection of raw materials, molding and product design, 3D printing, processing technology and even after service, helping customers to be more comfortable in the process of design and production; after sale, Wantong can To provide a flexible trading platform for customers in domestic tax revenue, Wantong has a complete transport, warehouse and network in the domestic provinces and cities, and provides a stable and reliable logistics service to ensure that customers can effectively control production progress and cost. Wantong has a strong network and provides a solid foundation for its competitive advantage and quick recovery time.

3D printing business

In addition, Wantong is also equipped with 3D printing business that helps manufacturers to produce. 3D printing is suitable for sample, test, assembly and small batch production before production. We have a rich technical team, dedicated to providing comprehensive advisory services such as material selection, customized materials and research and development for the three-dimensional printing technology and the production process. Through the global partnership, we can become a one-stop 3D printing platform covering 3D printing technologies, including molten deposition molding (FDM), selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP). By virtue of understanding and testing of the plastics, we constantly develop and expand the availability of new materials to promote the availability of new materials. Performance improvement and response to wider application, and to meet the needs of different industries to create possibilities. Regardless of any material and technology, we can provide a good service for you, and be willing to provide professional consultancy for 3D printing technology or materials unfamiliar to customers, and provide professional materials and technical advice to customers.

Wantong has held a series of lectures and seminars on 3D printing series, and this time also participated in the same period of Chinaplas. It will be held in the M8-04 conference room of the 8H Pavilion at the National Exhibition Center in the afternoon of April 24th at the M8-04 conference room of the National Convention and Exhibition Center, to give a keynote speech on how to bring new opportunities for manufacturing in 3D printing. As a resource sharing platform that integrates the development of various industries and intertwined with different professional knowledge, we explore a comprehensive resource sharing platform for 3D printing. On the one hand, we can help different industry people to grasp the business opportunities of 3D printing. On the other hand, we also do a little effort to promote the development of industrial innovation, and invite you to explore the possibilities of 3D printing together.

Wantong plastics headquarters is located in Hongkong. The business network covers the main manufacturing bases along the coast of China and inland, and actively expands the central and western regions. It has become an extremely reliable partner in the plastic industry.
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